In some areas, rental properties will fly off the market the same day they were listed.

In others, it’s a completely different situation.

Suffice today, you’re probably sat in the latter category if you have found today’s article. We have collated a selection of links from around the internet which summarize some of the best tips you can implement if you are looking to rent out your home in record speeds.

Elle Decor: Opt for the right neutral colours

It’s a well-known fact; neutral works best in rented accommodation. You don’t know what tones potential tenants are going to like and as such, neutral is safe.

However, as this link from Elle Decor highlights, neutral tones don’t tend to be equal. The link covers eighteen in total and shows the effect you can unearth with each one.

Homify: Make the garden as low-maintenance as possible

This next point is for both you and the tenant. From your perspective, the last thing you need is for a garden to become overgrown and fall into a state of disrepair. Sure, you might have a deposit as back up, but in some cases this won’t be sufficient to tackle a garden which has grown far beyond its means. As such, a maintenance free yard is something that can help your property out no-end.

From a tenant’s perspective, very similar rules apply. On the whole, most tenants don’t want to invest huge amounts into the garden as it doesn’t “belong” to them. A maintenance free garden relieves a lot of hassle from their lives as well.

This link from Homify shows a number of ways (twelve in total) in which you can approach such a garden. There are some interesting ideas that are well worthy of a read.

Avas Flowers: Add a fresh feeling to proceedings

Next on the list is a link from Avas Flowers. One of the big problems that prospective tenants have about rented accommodation is that it doesn’t feel homely. It feels very stale and many struggle to imagine themselves living there. This is where Avas Flowers come into the picture; with their quick delivery times allowing for bouquets to arrive right before viewings. It means that a room feels fresh and lived in instantaneously – and that elusive homely effect is subsequently created.

Houzz: How to take great photos of your home

A lot of the tips we have focused on through today have looked at the physical changes you can make to your property.

This next one merely looks at getting people through the door in the first place. The team at Houzz have put together an excellent guide on how to take photos of a home and make your listing as appealing as possible when it hits the real estate websites.

NY Times: How to choose a fridge

OK, this next link is rather specific – but the tip applies to all appliances. Put simply, modern-day tenants are craving modern-day appliances. If they see a fridge on its last legs, there is a high chance they will move onto the next property. This guide summarizes what you should look out for when you are buying a new appliance (but importantly, on a budget).

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