It’s a giant leap to start with, but for a lot of small business owners it becomes too easy to rest on their laurels. They have the loyal customer base, they are unlikely to get eaten up by a big competitor – and they are happy to tread water for the foreseeable future.

Today is all about changing that mindset. You might be small now, but with that solid base in place you now have so much opportunity to explode in growth.

For some people, this might be about kickstarting their business innovation. This doesn’t have to be anything highly technical, as the name sometimes suggests, but it might sometimes be about bettering a current process. It might be about negotiating a better rate with a new supplier, or just redesigning a small element of your product. Regardless, innovation covers a wide array of options, and this can be the easy win of making sure that your business moves along with everyone else (or even, ahead of them).

Next, let’s talk about marketing. While the big corporations might throw huge sums of money at marketing, for a smaller organization this tends to be done from the side of a desk. We don’t really pay it the attention it deserves.

Well, this is again a mindset that needs to change. Sure, you might not see an immediate boom in sales, but over time your brand is going to become noticeable. For many, this might be from a local perspective. However, if your brand can become synonymous in your local area, it means that the chances of a competitor swooping in and stealing the show are significantly lower.

Taking your business to the next level isn’t always about growth, though. Sometimes it is about making sure that your products are still current and satisfying the customer. Over time, things change, and the last thing you need is to be supplying a product that is growing tired in the market. You need to keep assessing the market needs or, as time progresses, your performance will suffer.

These market needs aren’t just about the direct demands of the consumer either. Sometimes, it’s just about assessing the product safety. We have seen over the years countless recalls of some so-called established products, and the last thing you need is to end in this category. Staying current isn’t just about staying on trend, it’s about staying safe as well.

You could say that the main purpose of today’s article hasn’t been to get you to look at the bigger picture with your business, but also to analyze if you are ready to grow.

Again, some companies might not want this. They might be happy with their current plight but on the whole, we all want more. If you have a regular stream of customers, and the profits to go alongside them, this can be an exciting time.

Contrary to popular belief it doesn’t have to involve huge amounts of risk either. For example, instead of releasing a new line of products yourself, you might turn to drop shipping to help you along.

Or, it might be about the area you cover. You don’t have to go from one city to taking over the world in an instant. You can move from city to city and develop slowly.

The point we are trying to make is that regardless of your position, now is not the time to rest on your laurels. You don’t have to grow but keep an eye on what is happening on your market as things don’t stay constant forever.

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