In order to expand your business, construction of mezzanine floors is always considered a smart option. If you are running a warehouse business then in order to generate more space, you can always consider using your mezzanine floor. This can offer you a good space for storing a number of important items.

Advanced Warehouse Structures is a leading supplier of pallet racking, structural mezzanine floors and also storage systems for warehouse and industrial businesses around Australia. They have over 120 years of combined experience of providing expert advice on the best storage solution for your requirements.

If you are really interested to start mezzanine floor project, then you need to make either of the following decision:

  • Complete this project by using multiple suppliers meant for different components
  • Use only single turnkey solution provider who will deliver the complete mezzanine project right from beginning to end

For any of your choice, based on your project, following will remain the main components of your project:

  1. Site survey
  2. Making of concise and detailed report
  3. Project planning and schedule
  4. Building regulations approval
  5. Mezzanine construction
  6. Installation site preparation
  7. Delivery
  8. Assembly
  9. Installation of shelving/racking with ancillary elements like steps, elevator, safety barriers, conveyor etc.
  10. Installation and commissioning of all electrical, lighting, plumbing and heating needs
  11. Office/storage room construction
  12. Creating partitions and few other facilities
  13. Fire protection
  14. Health and safety elements
  15. Compliance Certificate.

What are the various advantages of creating a mezzanine floor?

If you want to increase your floor space then it will always be very expensive, but by installing a mezzanine floor you can generate space at a more affordable cost as compared to extending or even moving to new premises.

You can easily add a vital amount of extra square footage to your present facilities with the addition of a mezzanine floor, which is particularly designed to meet all your needs for the business. You have got the option to create single tier ground along with one mezzanine to another multi-tiered ground and also, 2, 3 or 4 level structures.

Such kind of multi-level mezzanines will incorporate features like through-floor conveyors, suspended ceilings and integrated lifts offering a versatile option for your businesses looking for maximising their budget and resources.

If you want to just add a little extra storage area, or you need more operational areas or offices, any good supplier of mezzanine floor can provide you the best solution to meet all your business needs that can undertake everything right from planning to installation including aftercare.

So far as feasibility and practicalities are concerned, almost any warehouse can always be fitted with a mezzanine floor. Since they usually are typically removable and also contained within the existing building, rarely any planning permission will be necessary.

Any well-planned mezzanine floor, which is installed as per your specific needs can offer crucial extra space and can complement with your ongoing operations for all kinds of businesses.

Besides creating a warehouse, you can also use your mezzanine floor for many other purposes too like creating a staff canteen, rest room or your record room etc.

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