Every business’s layout and design must be considered to ensure that customers have a great experience. Creative solutions are essential for getting the recognition that your business deserves.

Rebranding an office with commercial entry mats

A consistent image is a key to leaving your customers with a positive impression of your business. While there are many ways you can achieve this, a commercial mat is a great way to increase professionalism and consistency in your business. Make brand awareness stronger by making use of unutilized space on your floor.

Our Commercial Entrance Mats can protect your floors as well as help you save on cleaning expenses. There are an inordinate number of choices when you buy a custom-made floor mat. So we’ve compiled some key factors to help guide you.

This comprehensive guide will show you how to choose the best-personalized floor mat for your business. We’ve done the legwork so you don’t have!

Consideration 1

A commercial outdoor entrance mat can attract attention to your location, whether you are located along the main road or in a narrow alleyway. An outdoor commercial entrance rug can help customers find your business in a difficult location. A unique entrance mat near your store can turn pedestrians into customers.

Consider the size and color of your outdoor mat if you are looking to clearly show the location of your store. A large and colorful mat might be attractive to customers, but a smaller mat can more tastefully highlight the location of your shop. Ultimate mats can provide mats of any size, including a standard mat or a large mat. These mats are also available in custom sizes and colors.

Outdoor Commercial Entrance Matting Materials

You will need weatherproofing for your outdoor mat. You have many options when it comes to weather-resistant commercial mats and our Outdoor Rubber Logo Mats. Our outdoor commercial mats are built to withstand weather extremes and dirt tracks. They can also be crushed and used as a floor covering. Our mats are weather-resistant and will be welcomed by your customers, rain or shine.

Indoor Commercial Entrance Mats

A custom indoor commercial mat can be a powerful tool for creating a professional environment and strengthening brand awareness. Your commercial doormats could be the first thing customers see upon entering your store. This is why a branded mat makes a great first impression! This commercial entrance mat can be made to match your branding guidelines by being customized in size, color, and design.

Consideration 2

Large custom rugs with logo and large floor mats are great ways to draw attention. While smaller logos and floor mats are great for creating a professional feel, they are also great for subtly creating an atmosphere. Take into consideration the personality of your brand. Do you feel more friendly and casual or more serious and professional? Your customizable, commercial logo mat will help to highlight your business’ unique characteristics and communicate that to your customers. For example, a boutique home ware shop may choose a simple design floor mat to promote luxury and simplicity. While a workshop for children’s pottery may opt for a large bright design to communicate fun!

In any case, the design and size of your floor mats can be customized to reflect your company’s unique attributes. We offer free artwork visuals so that you can tweak your design before it’s finalized. That way you will get exactly what you need!


Maximizing the branding power of custom commercial floor mats is possible by taking into account several factors. Follow these guidelines and you will be able to have a commercial floor mat that welcomes customers and keeps your floors clean. It will also help your business achieve its goals creatively.

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