Here are 8 great tips to improve the ranking of your website or blog on the search engines. As SEO is not a quick fix it will take at least 3 months to see the significant results.

1 Create amazing content

The most important aspect of your website and the most important part of all your optimization efforts is your content. You cannot get around this fact in the long run even with the best SEO.
If your content is of low quality, nobody will visit your website, good content, however, will be widely read and widely shared by others.

2 Choose a comfortable niche

Your blog where your website is generalist will make your job much more difficult because the competition is tough. Choosing a niche which, on the other hand, limits your audience, but also limits your competition. The important thing is to search for the most searched keywords in your niche and use them wisely in your web pages. You can get help to search content from tools such Long Tail Pro, SEO PowerSuit. You can check SEO Powersuit review here.

3 Respect URLs compatible with SEO

You should also optimize all the pages of your website. Start by making sure every page of your website has a distinct, easy-to-use URL that describes the content of the page in a nutshell.

4 Use keywords and descriptions Meta

You should create meta informative descriptions of all your web pages with the keywords of this page appearing in the description; you will have 150-160 characters to fill. These meta descriptions are probably no longer used by Google for ranking, but they are useful for getting the attention of human readers in the search results page.

5 Do not forget the image attributes

The images also provide a great opportunity for SEO with image search capabilities on Google and other engines. But search engines can not analyze images if the associated text is not included.

6 Create internal links

Building internal links is an SEO tactic that involves creating a well-organized and thorough link structure among the pages of your own site. In other words, as many pages as possible should be connected to each other in hierarchical connections or on the web of text-based hyperlinks based on the page.

7 Create external links

Strengthening the external link is one of the techniques of encouraging the creation of backlinks on your site from other websites; that is, links on other sites refer to relevant content on your own website pages.

8 Enable social media sharing

Always have as many social media sharing options on your website as you can. Install buttons for all major social sites (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) and others on each important page of your site. With these buttons, your readers can advertise valuable and interesting content for your site.

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