Social media has become a powerful marketing tool, and influencers play a huge role in making successful campaigns. Influencers are individuals with a huge social media following, and according to market research, are responsible for over 12 million brand-related posts on Instagram.  Mladen Djankovic, a skilled corporate strategist and experienced marketing specialist, shares why you should think about hiring an influencer for your next campaign.

Big Returns

Influencer marketing has created a billion-dollar market. According to a report by, each dollar spent on influencer marketing comes back at an average median value of $7.25.  This makes for a sound marketing investment that will ensure a wider market reach.

Support From Younger Markets

Perhaps one of the most powerful impacts of influencers is their ability to attract a younger audience. Mladen Djankovic notes that if your product is meant for a young crowd, then you should definitely look to work with influencers to swiftly spread your brand awareness and also inspire their peers to do the same. Influencers advertising a product will not only promote it to thousands (if not millions) of people that may not otherwise have seen it – but encourage more people to purchase it and experience it for themselves.

Shows Authority

You will gain more followers once they have seen that a certain influencer supports your brand.  Once a celebrity, a trusted personality, or an influencer promotes your brand, your credibility is instantly established, and this is an attractive feature that will reel in followers.

  • A successful serial entrepreneur, Mladen Djankovic has set up, operated, and sold multiple businesses. Today, he is the co-founder of RockerMama LLC and CEO of its parent company, Rocking Inc.  For more on Mr. Djankovic, visit this page.

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