Data is FREE… it is out there all over the place… there’s a huge quantity of it on each subject on the earth out there at your fingertips. So why do you want me… or why do I want you?In actuality, we do want new info created as a result of there are new applied sciences and new improvements popping out day by day… this isn’t the data I’m speaking about. I’m speaking concerning the “re-packaging” of current info and publishing it once more, and once more, and once more. Do we actually must see extra details about the identical services… they have not modified, solely the entrepreneurs have dressed up the data to make it appear to be it’s new info… it is not. The product is the product because the service is the service. We get it… and we do not want it repeated 50 occasions.However what we do want extra of is YOU… your INSIGHTS… your PERSPECTIVE… your PERSONALITY… your EXPERIENCE with the services that can assist us make higher use of those and assist all of us SAVE MORE TIME. That is what we’d like extra of… however for some cause it’s onerous to get… it is simply simpler for advertising to “spin the information” in numerous methods and inform us it is totally different.I’m an lively blogger… averaging 5 days per week… plus posting on locations like LinkedIn, Medium, and different sources… together with writing articles and naturally giving a lot of speeches. With that quantity of content material going out, do you suppose for a minute I might take primary info and spin it 30 alternative ways each month… 365 days of the yr? Not an opportunity… everybody wouldn’t solely cease studying however they’d disconnect from every little thing I ever revealed if I trashed them this continuously with the identical info over and time and again. That is NOT what your viewers desires from you…

What they get from me are my INSIGHTS… my PERSPECTIVES… my EXPERIENCES… my VIEWPOINTS on the data. It is what they continually inform me they APPRECIATE listening to… alternative ways to have a look at one thing that they will determine and join with.THIS IS WHAT YOU HAVE… ARE YOU WILLING TO SHARE IT?After I assist construct a “content and communication strategy” for a CEO, it’s by no means about how can we get extra info to dump on their trusted viewers. If we did, they’d all name up the CEO and ask them what the heck they have been losing their time with all this info. However after we take this info and the CEO places their experiences and insights behind it… IT BECOMES INCREDIBLY VALUABLE. Now everybody desires to learn it and be taught from it and use it… that is the gold.And this works the identical means in your firm in addition to the CEO… your organization is stuffed with superb insights and views on a plethora of knowledge out there available in the market in the present day. You will have extra info than your viewers might ever soak up. You will have constructed your organization on this type of info and you realize it higher than anybody… however how do we all know that? How do we all know how extremely brilliant and superior you and your persons are except you share it with us? If you happen to do not, you are simply one other commodity with the identical info all of your opponents have as properly.A lot of the enterprise world in the present day nonetheless does not actually consider the above statements… regardless that they are saying they do… they do not. If they really believed it, why would they proceed to supply extra of it? Eric Schmidt of Google did a examine a number of years in the past the place he confirmed the quantity of knowledge we now produced in 48 hours is the same as all the data produced (written, video, and so on.) from the start time as much as the yr 2003… each 48 hours this quantity of knowledge is created!! With this quantity of “content” flooding the markets, why do firms (and people) nonetheless suppose we have to produce greater than this unimaginable quantity of knowledge we have already got? We do not… however there’s something we’d like extra of… YOU!

WE DON’T NEED MORE INFORMATION… WE NEED MORE INSIGHTS THAT CAN HELP US BE BETTER AT WHAT WE DO AND IMPROVE OUR LIVES!That is one thing not everybody can get or has… solely you! That is why we do not want extra of the identical info spun round 50 alternative ways… WE NEED YOU! You’re the “secret sauce” that provides us worth and helps change the best way we do enterprise or how we are able to enhance our lives. YOU are the one that may bridge the hole between the mass of knowledge. YOU are the one that may assist us get on a straight path as an alternative of wandering round attempting to determine it out.YOU ARE THE ONE THAT CAN SAVE ME TIME AND GIVE ME SOME TIME BACK TO DO WHAT I DO BEST!Are YOU up for the problem? Your prospects and potential prospects are begging firms for this day by day… however they maintain spinning the identical previous advertising hype in 50 alternative ways and shoving it out to them and calling it good. However for people who see how highly effective that is… you’ll stand aside… stand above all of the noise being put out out of your opponents. That is your OPPORTUNITY at DIFFERENTIATION. That is your likelihood to indicate your CUSTOMERS how a lot you OBSESS over them. Are you up for the problem? The market is large open for you if you’re… as a result of most others will not ever take the possibility and seize the chance. Will you???

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