Businesses have been facing COVID-19 related restrictions for almost a full year now in many cases. From businesses being forced to shutter temporarily to full contactless interaction requirements, there has been a recent focus on getting back to normal. While you may be eager to call up your staff and have them come back in, a lot of precautionary steps must first be taken. Here is how you can prepare your business for a full reopening in the safest manner possible.

Getting Your Staff Ready

Your staff might already be fully trained on how to do their job, but more instruction is going to be necessary if you are going to re-open your business safely. Go over the types of employee PPE your workers must wear as they interact with customers, clean, and work together. There will be a lot of new protocols for them to follow, so ensure that they know what to do prior to getting back to work. Various areas of your business will need to be sanitized regularly, which might cause there to be delays within the daily workflow. It will take a little getting used to, but everyone can work towards the common goal of returning to normality, safely, slowly, and intelligently.

Making the Right Safety Precautions

Are there clearly labeled signs that instruct customers that they need to wear a mask and keep a safe distance from others? Whether you run a restaurant, sell goods, or have a totally unique type of business, if you are planning to start servicing customers again directly, they need accurate information on the kinds of precautions everyone is taking. Check to see if any new laws, rules, or directives regarding COVID-19 safety have to be implemented by your business. You don’t want to find out that you are inadvertently going against local rules while preparing to reopen.

Fully Opening Your Business Again

There might still be rules on occupancy as well as social distancing, but lots of businesses are now being allowed to re-open and physically see their clients for the first time in months. You may need to section off parts of your waiting areas, have masks and gloves available on-demand, or even check the temperatures of any incoming guests. Some additional expenses will definitely come as a result of these coronavirus precautions but consider how you are reducing your company’s liability. The reality is that you just can never be too safe as the COVID-19 pandemic is still going on.

Even after you re-open, business levels could remain down for awhile as consumer shopping patterns have changed. As people see that you are taking many precautions to keep your business running safely, they will become more comfortable about visiting. Start to advertise sales and specials again, talk to old customers you haven’t interacted with in a while, and be open about how you have been adjusting. Soon, sales and profits will go back up and you will have the ability to justify every single preventative measure you’ve taken to keep your business running safely.

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