There are many people who may not know when it’s time to upgrade to professional embroidery machines from using their home sewing machine.

Embroideries are exquisite and this may not be easy for the beginner to sew, depending on the task at hand. But, if you still use your home sewing machines to add these beautiful designs to the various clothes you make from time to time, you can read these few tips to see if it’s time to upgrade to the best embroidery machine.

The Size of the Garment-The size of the garment will have a significant impact on how difficult it will be to work on the embroidery. In most cases, people used their imagination to use a simple home embroidery machine to get their embroidery finished, using several hoopings for each garment.

But, if you were to put on a big design on a beach towel or on a fairly large sweatshirt, it would be very difficult and it would take you a lot of time if you were to take this route.

When you notice that you have a lot of these big and heavy clothes to manage and the time you spend re-hooping and having the fabric back in line is actually longer than the actual time you spend on embroidery, you really should consider upgrading to commercial embroidery machines.

Short on Time-If you know that you’re constantly working on the machine with your head down that you don’t have time to look for new customers or even have time to upgrade to a commercial computer.  This will allow you to do more work, and also much quicker, giving you the opportunity to do more marketing as your work capacity will be improved.

Therefore, you will also feel less depressed, exhausted and irritated while at the same time pulling in more jobs and doing more work.

Quality of Work High-If you want the highest return in your decision to open your own embroidery shop, you need a commercial machine.

If you’re not persuaded, however, consider these points. If you’re doing lots of short pieces with lots of different designs or embroidery work involving lots of stitch counts, there are commercial embroidery machines specifically designed to handle these circumstances.

As a result, you will provide your clients with high-quality work in a good turn over time, giving you the opportunity to grow your investment and make the best of it.

So, assess yourself on the basis of these three areas and if you see the need to upgrade or get an additional commercial machine to do embroidery, you can rest assured that it will improve your efficiency, minimize your labor costs and actually give you more space to work with, and most importantly, more peace of mind.

David has written articles for almost two years. Sewing and designing his own clothing is one of his many passions. So come visit his latest website that discusses some great information about embroidery sewing machines and commercial embroidery machines that every person needs to explore before making their next purchase whether it’s a sewing machine or similar.

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