There was a time when a person wanted to purchase a products he must physically go to the shop and test the product on his own if not known the product before. Now it has been changed, digital revolution has provided the space for both the customer and businesses at the same time.  If someone wants to buy mobile he/she search in the internet about its cons and pros and later he/she will decide whether this product satisfy his/her needs.

Its 21st century one can easily get to know the product just by searching in the internet and he will decide whether to buy or not. This type of changes in the customer-producer/businesses has been helping the businesses to know their potentiality in the market with their product and services.

Being a business owner getting the reviews on his product is the important thing he must focus on because that’s what the end goal right? To deliver, get good reviews, draw more customers, produce more goods/services and generate more revenue and the cycle continues.

Most of the businesses conduct surveys about how their product is in the hands of customers and the services they provide are whether satisfactory to the mark or the product is overrated or underrated.

The customer experience can be expressed in many ways like rating it in terms of 1-5 or on the scale of 1-10 about his experience about the product he purchased and publishes on the websites from where he bought the product.

The business need to keenly get to know them and these are reviews are very crucial to his business growth, to know where the product is failing if the product got bad reviews. This is not only depend on the quality of the product but also the way the companies and business deal with the customer deal with the customers when the product is delivered.

Over all it’s is the sole factor that decides the estimation and future of the company and graphs of growth. You are well known about Google and its products like customer You Tube, Gmail, photos, files and so on the list continues. Google survey as many as customers and try to modify its service based on the need of customer and the demand of the product in the market. You see feedback section in every Google application you use. By this you can say that good reviews can be path to the geometric growth of a business and further to the generation of great revenue to the company.

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