Finding the best dog kennel can be a tedious task to start with. However, when you need to find one for a working dog, you really have your work cut out for you. For the most part, it is the size of your dog and travel regulations that you have to deal with. Most airlines have strict rules about carrying aboard service animals or dogs that are deemed on the job. This can even include K-9s that are part of the police force. You must find kennels that will accommodate these animals and stay within guidelines that will keep the safe as well as the people that must travel all no with them.

Getting The Kennels

When finding kennels for working dogs you have to keep several things in mind. First, the kennel must be comfortable. You have a dog that works just like you do. Just as you enjoy comfortable surroundings, so does your working dog. Find them a kennel that they can easily stretch out in and lay down. Add a soft pillow or blanket if necessary, to keep them calm if they have to fly apart from you in the cargo area. Make sure that it is very well ventilated. You do not want to find your dog passed out because of not having enough opening in the crate. Remember your dog will be with all that heavy luggage. That in itself can take up a lot of oxygen. Also, make sure Fido has had a bathroom break or you will be in for a very embarrassing flight. However, before any of this is done, make sure the kennel follows flight regulations. If you are traveling by train, there may be a whole new set of rules. You would definitely need to do your homework to find out how you can travel or use a kennel with your working dog in that setting.

Where To Find The Kennel

You can find dog kennels anywhere. However, if you need something a bit more unique for your dog because of what they do, you might be able to get a custom-made kennel just for them. Some kennels have space where the dog can drink water or offers protection to keep them from being harmed. If your dog is working with the police force, you may find a bulletproof or blast proof kennel. In the event of a disaster because of terrorism, the dog can be kept safe because of the durability the crate provides. Some of the kennels are for military use while others are for show dogs that only need a crate to keep them from moving around so much. Also, if you are traveling you need one that will protect the dog in case of an accident.

Finding the right kennel does require work. You can have one made to your specifications in some cases. Your dog must be able to stay in it comfortably without any issues. Get the crate you need today.


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