New independent financial advisors have many issues to face but key amongst these is continuing to build their client base, retaining it and ensuring their marketing plan enhances it.

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As a newcomer to the industry you may be tempted by online directories, but the most important touchstone for clients will be the Financial Conduct Authority’s own public record register. You may wish to consider some of the independent registers, fees are generally charged but some remain free.
So far as building your client base is concerned there are further measures you need to look at.
1. Do not underestimate the impact of the reviews you can engender on your own website. Online reviews can highlight the positives of the service you provide. You may also see your website rise in the rankings, making it easier for potential clients to find you.

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2. Social media marketing can also affect your bottom line. Making sure you have a Facebook and Twitter presence may lead potential clients to your website.
3. Whilst considering your marketing strategy, do not ignore more traditional avenues. Your local newspaper or radio station could prove very useful, either through a long-term advertising presence, or developing a relationship which means you could contribute articles or interviews to back-up your advertising budget. Creating press releases and making yourself available for comments to journalists writing financial articles will help to enhance your presence in your local market. Engaging with PR professionals will also develop these outlets. In any kind of marketing campaign, it is important to target the audience you wish to attract. Local newspapers are unlikely to help if you are looking to recruit younger clients, as they are probably looking online for their news and information. Engaging with your local community will, however, produce results.
4. You will also want to make it clear to clients that you are abreast of the latest financial advisor software such as that found at sites such as click here to get more info.
5. Your potential client base may vary, and you will have to tailor your sales pitch to fit their needs. Not everyone will be a high net worth investor. By being attractive to different age groups, and those with varying investment funds available, you will create a steady stream of clients.

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