Non-profits are very careful about every dime they spend since they are dependent on donor contributions and gifts to accomplish their goals. Due to the alarming environmental issues everyone is now seeking green solutions. As a donor it is a good idea to make eco-friendly donations and as a non-profit, you can use the money contribution for eco-friendly goods.

Green ideas for giveaways:

Customized reusable bags:

Bags made from recyclable materials make ideal giveaways. They are functional, attractive and an environmental-conscious choice. If you are looking bulk full color printed bags in the US, contact Custom Earth Promos. They are the leading suppliers of custom reusable bags. They feature a wide range of attractive bag models. Discuss them about your customization needs.

Health essentials:

It is a great idea to choose health essentials as giveaways since the current pandemic scenario stresses the importance of health and sanitation. You can choose small, inexpensive yet useful stuff like customized sanitizers, face masks, first aid kits etc.

Reusable bottles:

The plastic ban has resulted in people replacing bottled water for refillable bottles and steel cups. Reusable bottles can be used during travel, taken to office; outings etc while the steel ones maintain the temperature of the beverage inside.

Wearables: You could consider purchasing eco-friendly wearables made of eco-friendly materials. Ideas for wearables include wristbands, headbands, caps, hoodies, bandanas, lanyards, tank tops etc.

How can philanthropists make green donations?

  • Books: You’ll find some charities collecting used books for library or to share with soldiers or underprivileged families. Ensure your books are in good condition without missing pages and pack them neatly before dropping at their doorstep or consider sending books via mail to their address.
  • Clothes: If you have clean used clothing without much wear and tear, consider donating it to charities. Avoid placing them inside clothes bins placed in parking lots as they are usually set up by for-profit companies and those clothes would be sold overseas.
  • Bottle drives: Bottles is a common method of fundraising employed by charities. Take note of organizations in your area that seek donations of refundable bottles. You can save the used bottles and give it away on pick-up days.
  • Thrift store donations: Donate your used miscellaneous items to a local thrift store. Call them up in advance and confirm if they accept the stuff you are willing to donate. If so ask them if they provide pick-up service since it makes your job easier.

Donating time:

Don’t have the resources to donate recyclable and sustainable goods or make money contributions? You still have something precious in your hands you can offer to charities – your time. You may possess skills that would be beneficial to non-profits and you may volunteer for charities. Call your local volunteer association to know about the areas that need assistance.

Giveaways and donations aren’t always costly and reserved for the wealthy. There are several affordable, eco-friendly ways you can follow to bring a positive change around. Be the change.



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