The residence visa Italy has a particular connotation on Italian soil. For this reason, we will see below how the application for a residence permit for elective residence is presented.


The application for the issue of the residence permit for elective residence is valid only if some documents are presented. They are:

  • photocopy of all passport pages or other equivalent document; photocopy of the documentation certifying the availability of a home in Italy (cadastral survey or purchase / sale deed of the property, lease, hospitality certificate, etc. …);
  • photocopy of the documentation certifying the availability of adequate economic resources from annuities (pensions, annuities, from the possession of real estate properties or from other sources of income, other than subordinate work);
  • Receipt of the prepaid postal payment slip € 30.46 for the issuance of the electronic residence permit plus the tax envisaged according to the duration of the permit (in this case € 40).


The duration of the residence permit for elective residence is 1 year. The visa can always be renewed in Italy at the territorially competent Police Headquarters provided that the original requirements are maintained. The residence permit cannot be renewed or extended if the person concerned has moved away from Italy for a continuous period of over six months. There is an exception to this rule, that is when the foreigner can demonstrate that said interruption depended on the need to fulfill military obligations or on other serious and proven reasons. After 5 years it is possible to request a residence card, i.e. the EU residence permit for long-term residents. After 10 years it is possible to apply for citizenship by residence.


As issued, the residence permit can also be revoked. The revocation occurs with the absence of the requirements for the issue of the residence permit, with reference to the general requirements for entry and residence in the TN, and in particular to the possession of a home to be elected as residence and adequate economic resources autonomous, pursuant to article 5 c. 6 of the Consolidated Law on Immigration. Or in case of revocation or cancellation or cessation of the perception in Italy of the pension.

The applicant for the residence permit for elective residence can always assert his rights. If the police headquarters do not issue the permit within twenty days or refuse it with a written and motivated act, the foreign subject can appeal to the Regional Administrative Court with an appeal to be notified within sixty days

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