If you looked at 2021 as the year of incredible home renovation ideas, just what to you see what 2022 has ready and waiting for you!

Home renovations are expected to increase by 9% just in the first quarter alone, and continue to rise by 8.8% throughout the second quarter.

With numbers like that, you must begin to wonder what this year of renovations will mean to you?

Today is the day you need to consider planning. The sooner you begin to book a contractor, finalise a date, gain proper financing, and order your material, the more able you will be able to work on your own timeline and schedule.

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Coloured Kitchen Cabinets

It is time to slide those old white cabinets out of the kitchen. We are tired of bland and monochrome! In addition, they are simply not that practical. Their time is over and it is time for colour to make the big comeback. As we have been spending much more time in the home, we are seeing that it is fine to add a little more of our personality to the style of the home. If pink is you colour of choice, let the cabinets be pink!

However, some of the best colours for kitchen cabinets are creams, greens, taupes, and the brownish-pink.

The Home Office

Many of us thought we would be back in the office by this time, however, things keep that thought just a pipe-dream. If you were working in an office prior to the pandemic, you more than likely need a home office now in 2022. It is a safe assumption that the way we work has been changed forever and the home office is going to be the more viable option going forward.

If you are unsure about the transition on an entire room into a home office, make it more of a multifunctional space for the family.

We have seen the “kitchen counter/home office hybrid” raise in popularity over the past year.

Colorful Wallpaper

If you have been making Zoom calls with a virtual wallpaper, it is time to move forward and leave that technology to old sci-fi shows! Today is the day you change your background wallpaper to something more permanent.

Many homeowners have begun to experiment with a variety of unique wallpaper statements that show a much more colourful style. Wallpaper no longer needs to be looked about as old=fashioned or tacky.

Colour is one of the best ways to bring new life into an outdated home. This can be something as simple as a fun wallpaper print or a colourful sofa that is going to add a unique splash of color to the home.

Vintage Elements

With so many shortages that we have seen through the pandemic, many homeowners have found that buying new items may not be the best way to go forward.

Instead refurbished and vintage items are a way to bring a unique sense of charm to a home without the fear of shopping delays or being out of stock.

Walls Of Glass

After many of us were forced to remain in the home for a year or longer throughout a pandemic, many are looking at ways of bringing the outdoors inside. Exterior or interior glass ways are one of the best ways to make a home look ore inviting and spacious.

Glass walls are an incredible way to offer a wide open space yet still allow for separation for family members.

Large Master Bathroom

The general deal of a master bathroom is a newer thought than you might expect. These larger spaces did not come into popularity until the 1980’s and we are now seeing them become even larger after the recent pandemic.

Many people have really looked at their overall hygiene during the last year, and the master bathroom is a large aspect of that process.

Featuring touch less taps, backlit mirrors, double sinks, walk-in-shower and heated floors are no longer considered to be luxuries but commonplace as we move forward.

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