Modern type companies have a special life rhythm. Top-rated sportsbooks are no exception due to special technology influence. Dedicated audiences place high demands on odds accuracy, quality and number of streams today. This compels bookies to work for a solution that gives worthy results.

But one thing remains the same: market leaders aim to grow the number of followers and set up a stable revenue stream. So it’s important to find a stable and reliable partner to work with.

Who is BETER? 

BETER is a first-quality sportsbook solution, including 22,000+ events per month, in-play & pre-match odds. Today the brand provides world-leading sports betting operators, authoritative companies with high-quality products — 24/7 live streaming, live data and highly precise odds. BETER covers international, national and local esports tournaments.

The platform covers international, national and local esports tournaments. The brand empowers tournaments of Setka Cup and ESportsBattle that are in demand worldwide. All tournaments BETER also prices pre-match and in-play professional esports events, as well as a wide range of other tournaments at present. Besides, the platform’s team created an intuitive Client Console — a high-quality tool for client’s needs.

 Who are the clients for the BETER platform? 

Depending on how a company presents itself on the market, a company’s future is defined. The platform offers a wide variety of engaging content to increase profits. Besides, this content focuses on any target audience and GEO. This approach helps to attract viewers and sports fans with any demands. An additional advantage of BETER is permanent fans involvement and interest: they keep coming back for more.

The brand’s content is created at a level of world standards that plays an important part in a company’s image. Sportsbooks may get in touch with qualified team experts to incorporate BETER services or to find more about the products.


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