Heavy rainstorms or floods are two of the many sources of water damage to your business place. If the water enters your property, if would destroy everything that comes in its way. The force or speed of the water would break the structure of the property and the after effects of standing water would be devastating and irreversible.

The walls and floor are ruined with water accumulating in them. The drywall may become week and soft if the water remains standing for too long and is not removed. The carpeting would also be destroyed if they are not properly vacuumed and dried in time. Mold and mildew start growing within 24 to 48 hours of water damage if restoration is not started. They can cause serious breathing problems when their spores are inhaled by people.

The wood of the furniture can absorb the water and become soft if not dried properly. Your selling products and equipment could be completely destroyed and rendered useless by the water. The important documents in your office would also be harmed if water enters the places where they are stored. The eatables would have to be discarded if affected by the flood or rain water.

The drain pipe lines, in extreme cold weathers, can freeze and then burst. This is due to the fact that water would try to occupy more space when frozen and apply pressure on the pipes which would lead to cracks in pipes and their bursting. This usually happens in pipelines that run along the outside of buildings with less or no source of insulation, outdoor pipes like those supplying swimming pools and those that are inside the house but in those areas of a house that are not heated, like basements etc.

Water damage restoration is then done in the situations mentioned above. You need to contact a restoration company that would provide you with the required clean up and restoration services.

In case of damage to the carpeting in your business property, first the source of the water is found. Carpeting damaged by clean water, like the rain water, can be restored by properly drying using wet vacuums, opening windows, dehumidifying and using fans and blowers. Carpeting damaged by dirty water is best to be discarded and disinfection of the area is necessary as there are many harmful microorganisms in the unclean water.

In order to properly dehumidify your business place, some of the newest drying technologies that could be used are:

  • Desiccant dehumidifier: Silica gel that absorbs the moisture in the air, is their component and they also give out warm and very dry air.
  • Intra-wall drying: Drywall doesn’t have to be removed but only baseboards. Then, by making small holes in the wall, air is projected inside and the walls are dried.
  • LGR Dehumidifiers: They can remove many gallons of water from air. This would lead to a very low relative dampness.
  • Rescue Mat: This system has the ability to pull out water from hardwood floors very effectively.

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