Microsoft Sharepoint is a secure, scalable, high performing, and reliable platform. After its launch in 2001, businesses started using SharePoint to take advantage of the power of online collaboration in 2007. The SharePoint platform includes SharePoint Foundation, SharePoint Workspace, SharePoint Server, SharePoint Online, and SharePoint Designer.

Microsoft SharePoint is designed to improve collaboration. It was created to work and distribute documents across different locations and to automate business processes. Here are some of the features of SharePoint:


You can empower your business processes through a set of rules that are in the system, to ensure that the documents are getting to the right individuals through a workflow that is already predefined. This will improve the quality of work and streamline your business processes.

Business intelligence and integration

If you want to dissect your company data, Excel in SharePoint can help you analyze and visualize your data. The resulting reports, visualizations, and KPI’s will be distributed through SharePoint. Instead of letting your stored company data stay unused, you can gain great value by analyzing and visualizing the data all in one place.

Benefits of SharePoint Integrations

You can click here to know more about SharePoint integrations. But first, let us look at the key benefits of the SharePoint integrations.

It provides a consistent user experience

Desktop applications, web browsers, and e-mail are tightly integrated with SharePoint for users to have a simple and familiar user experience that simplifies how they engage with business data, processes and content. This integration helps you to employ services which help your company staff to use the product.

It provides a single integrated platform

The SharePoint platform is developed on a scalable and open architecture that supports interoperability standards like SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol), XML, and also the support of web services.

The platform has open API’s (Application Programming Interfaces) and rich event handlers for documents and lists to provide integrations with the current systems, and allow non-Microsoft software to be incorporated easily with the platform.

Effectively manage content

Content can be created by business users and submitted for approval and deployed on the internet or intranet sites. New documents libraries have simplified the management of multilingual content that is designed to maintain a relationship between different translations and the original version of a document.

Make it simple to access business data

SharePoint can allow your users to gain access to business data that is found in Microsoft CRM. It is also easy for users to formulate interactions and views on data in a personalized way through a browser. Your organization can store and organize the company documents through document repositories that are organized in one location.

Support of SharePoint

To get the best of Microsoft SharePoint, you need to ensure that you provide continuous effort in terms of designing access, assigning rights, installing security updates, launching new initiatives, and ensuring that the platform is running 24/7.

Installation of SharePoint

SharePoint can be run in several ways. You can either install it in your company computers or use it through the cloud in Microsoft Office 365.

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