Mobile Pallet Racking

Mobile pallet racking is a great solution if you need high-density storage potential while at the same time requiring total picking access to every pallet placement. It’s a top choice for those firms which are seeking fully utilised space, and this applies in particular to areas such as cold stores.

Pallet racking may be placed on to moveable bases that follow a track system. With a remote control used to open and shut the aisles, it can slide easily. It supplies access to whichever pallet position is required. Warehouses therefore have a fantastic method of gaining maximum capacity within their cubic space.

Additional Capacity

The storage capacity of mobile pallet racking varies according to a number of factors. Warehouse design and accessibility are important. Basic pallet racking can allow space for 768 pallets. Mobile racking, meanwhile, can store up to 1,728 pallets in an area of the same size. Getting maximum capacity in the space available also depends on the height and number of racking bays available.

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Some key factors dictate just how feasible mobile racking is. These include stock velocity, your number of forklifts and your accessibility needs. Aisles have to be opened and shut when a forklift needs access to a particular pallet position.

The speed of each system will vary according to the manufacturer. You need to consider all of these factors before making a decision about what is the best system for your needs.

For excellent pallet racking Ireland offers firms such as

The Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) supplies a guide to warehouse racking here:

The Benefits of Mobile Shelving Units

On a related note, if you intend to attend an exhibition show or trade fair to promote your business, you will need to investigate exhibition stands and storage facilities to display your products. Conventional racks or shelving systems can help you to make the most of the floor space that is available for use, while mobile shelving systems offer great shelving solutions on wheels.

The shelves can be grouped into a compact unit, conserving space – you can create temporary passageways at any time to allow access to your items. By making use of mobile shelving, you remove the need to install large floor-to-ceiling units in your exhibition space.

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