There’s a good line in a song that states, “stick with the program, get paid after.” There are a lot of people who don’t stick with their “program”.In any kind of business, money just isn’t made, it’s earned. But how? There is some exchange for a service. But this service doesn’t happen out of thin air. People are working hard to gain knowledge that helps other people. With that transfer of help, they give their value to these individuals/businesses.Going into any venture with the sole purpose of making money, especially quick, is going to burn you out and drown you into negative thought patterns. Once obstacles come in the way, there is no internal drive for you to keep moving forward. Money is an external drive. Money is the OUTCOME of a deep internal drive. You must have reasons that you truly believe in. When you think about that reason, there must be a gut feeling of you wanting to do well. There must be inner excitement about you doing the hard work. If money is your only motivator, you are in for a rude awakening.

Think about companies with their mission statement. They have this statement because it’s their core belief. They use that statement to convey their value to their customers. Needs are being filled, and relationships are being built. If there is no relationship building, there is no value given. Value given with a strong relationship accounts for long lasting clients, which in turn means more of a monetary equivalent.I’m in the fitness field, and I give as much value as I can to my clients. I’ll text them on their off days. I’ll e-mail them articles I think they might find interesting, I build a relationship with them on and off the clock. This is what builds a long lasting relationship.

Think of any business and what they do for their customers. A good business never just forgets about their customers. You want loyalty, you need to continue relationship building. Value must be given on a repetitive basis in order to keep things afloat.In closing, keep giving value in your business. Whatever you may want to do in the future, remember the importance of value! Before choosing anything, ask yourself if this will make you into a better person, a more helpful individual. Be the person that people want to come to for help, and do the best you can do in anything! It’s time to own the world

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