It feels like everyday there’s a new story in the headlines about another corporation, or even a prominent political party, getting hacked. It’s impossible to overstate the need to keep sensitive data absolutely private.

This isn’t the only way bad actors can get hold of information about you that you don’t want them to have. Read on to learn how professional shredders can keep you and your business protected from identity fraud and other crimes.

Paper Document Destruction

Your office very likely contains years of paper records containing everything from bank information, tax records, and confidential commercial data. Accumulating such paper is a pretty inevitable part of business.

Maybe it’s been sitting on the shelves for so long that you have got used to seeing it, and you no longer give it much thought. If you truly no longer need such records, their continued existence poses an unnecessary threat: if a competitor gets their hands on this information, they can use it against you in several ways.

There are reliable commercial document destruction services which can help you eliminate this threat in ways that are totally secure and also convenient. Look for a company which can pick up all your sensitive data from your office, so you don’t need to bother transporting so many heavy boxes yourself.

They will bring it to their facility and destroy it, so you have peace of mind that these paper documents no longer pose any risk of identity fraud.

Electronic Document Destruction

Modern offices are filled with electronic devices, and these can present the same risks for identity fraud that old papers pose. The list of electronics that store data that can be used against you may be longer than you initially suspect: laptops, tablets, photo copiers and printer memory cards, USB or flash drives, cell phones, and more.

These devices can’t just be thrown into the garbage: they need to be destroyed in such a way that the data on them cannot be recovered. Rivals may try to get possession of these devices to try to get trade secrets, or other data that can be used against your business. Don’t let them have it! Call a professional shredder and get your electronic documents destroyed today.

Specialty Destruction Services

Finally, some professionals produce unorthodox materials that can reveal sensitive information about your company or your clients. This could include: uniforms with logos, dental moulds, x-rays, ID cards, access cards, pharmaceutical packaging, and still more.

A top quality professional shredder will be able to dispose of these materials too. Their real trade is information security, and even these unusual forms of sensitive data should pose no problem.

Keeping your company’s information safe requires a pro-active approach in a climate where scammers and corporate spies are always finding new ways to obtain sensitive data. Whether the data exists on paper, electronics, or on some other more unusual form, a top tier shredding company will ensure that your sensitive information will never get into the wrong hands.

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