In the brewing industry, the art of making craft brews is an important aspect of any beloved brewery. The word itself means “to make skillfully,” evoking a certain complexity and precision in the brewing process itself. Craft is something we take seriously at Ska Fabrications, from helping your brewery with cultivation to manufacturing and distribution. Every aspect of creating a solid brew requires a delicate balance of craft. 

As a brewer, it takes a firm understanding of each of these components to create a product that consumers will love. From our process to our marketing strategies, packaging, and use of the latest technologies, Ska Fabrications stands at the forefront of the brewing industry. We have honed our use of manufacturing equipment like depalletizers for years. 

Depalletizers for Every Brewery

As our company has grown, so has our reputation as a steadfast leader when it comes to aiding brewers in streamlining their packaging process. Since we respect the care of your craft, we believe this should be echoed in the design of your product’s packaging. 

As a USA-based manufacturing company, we employ hard-working individuals who are here to help you succeed, watch your business grow, and help you achieve your vision for your brewery. With multiple depalletizers to choose from at Ska Fabrications, we can help you make the right investment in your business future. 

At Ska Fabrications, we offer a full line of half-height and full-height depalletizers. Each has something unique to offer, but every option takes into consideration speed, budget, and space limitations at local breweries. 

The Microbus

The Microbus is our most compact option, which can run 10-30 cans per minute with a foldable dead plate and rotary table discharge. Even if you have a larger space, this option is great in terms of portability and storage. Plus, the price tag is great for those who want to stay under budget, coming in around $21,500 including a rinse cage. 

The Nimbus

Our Nimbus design is a half-height depalletizer that will have a full automation setup. It can handle up to 50 cans per minute and is pallet jack-portable. It also comes with a foldable rotary discharge and is relatively easy to store. Since it’s fully automated, it can also save on manpower required to stack products, so it speeds up your entire production line. 

The Can-I-Bus

The Can-i-Bus is our full-height fan favorite, which can handle up to 400 cans per minute with an automatic sweep and rotary table discharge capabilities. It is known for its efficiency and reliability. It can also be customized to better suit your brewery’s unique needs. In fact, all of our custom conveyance and operator platforms can be adapted for your brewery’s footprint and growth trajectory. 

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No matter which depalletizer option you choose from Ska Fabrications, you can’t go wrong. We are at the forefront of innovative technologies with the latest, most cutting-edge depalletizers in the industry today. Creating bold machines that help your brewery perform at the top of your craft is our craft! With years of experience under our belt automating packaging lines for craft businesses specializing in depalletizers, conveyance systems, and so much more, we have helped over 2,000 customers worldwide in over 30 countries. You can contact one of our representatives today to learn more or get started by calling (970)-403-8562 or

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