Corporate offices, schools, doctors’ offices and a lot of professions have taken note of the need of healthier life styles and well-being for their valued employees. Many businesses have started wellness incentives for their workers. These incentives include discounts of activity and fitness trackers. Some offices have taken it a step further and made a healthy life style a bit of a challenge and reward initiative. Applications can be downloaded to mobile and smart devices that sync with activity trackers. Employees who get in the most steps win certain perks such as a personal day off or a gift certificate for their diligence towards a healthy lifestyle.

These initiatives are great for both the employee and the employer. Employers who encourage healthy behavior and fitness often see less sickness spread through the business. Employees who release endorphins through working out often feel better about themselves. When someone feels mentally prepared and well they are ready to put the best foot forward in their professional life.

Healthy living involves much more than just exercising and working out. We all need to be more aware of the nutrients that we’re putting into our bodies. Many work places are also taking note of nutrition. Nutrition is important to a person’s over-all health. Vending machines have been renovated to provide healthy food to employees who may not have a chance to run out to a restaurant. Many work places have noticed some habits that are less than desirable from their employees during busy times. When workers are very busy trying to finish a project or perform year end closing tasks they tend to eat more take out. The more time spent at a desk to help the company succeed means that these employees are ordering delivery. Delivery options often include foods that are high in fat and calories.

Businesses such as CustomFresh that realize the importance of employee well-being and a nutritious lifestyle have started catering healthy meals to their valued workers. Many catering companies are popping up in big and small cities nationwide. A lot of these catering companies are featuring nutritious and organic farm to table meals and snacks. Healthy salads, sandwiches and non-processed foods are being prepared and offered in employee break rooms. Businesses that may not be as worried about meals can also have healthy snacks delivered. These snacks include healthy granola, fresh fruits, and yogurt and gluten free snacks with natural sugars such as honey.

Organic and farm to table catering companies feature their extensive menus online. Many of these catering companies are also visiting businesses to drop off menus and samples of their tasty food. This collaboration helps local farmers by bringing more of their locally grown produce into nearby cities. When businesses recognize the need for nutrition and wellness they can encourage their employees to live healthier life styles. Investing in an employee’s wellness is also an investment in the company’s wellness. Healthy and happy employees who value their employer and job will often strive to advance and give their best for their work place.

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