The game of being an active user of Instagram is now moving towards the new complex level. Many of us put our best effort in clicking awesome pictures, looking for the well-written captions which would be in reference to the pictures and make the catching colors editing. But after all of this hard work, many of us still not get the visible increase in the number followers. Most of us are searching for the answer to the common question that, how do I get more followers on Instagram?

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You may also read out the following tips to conquer Instagram in 2018.


1.    Look for the specific topic and create content according to it.

People visit your site in search of some of the specific content. When they scroll down and move through your newsfeed they should get something interested or else they should have an idea about the topics you focus on. Your posts should make the overall sense of your profile and should be attracted enough that whoever visits the profile gets bound to hit that follow button. You can take an example that when you visit someone’s new profile and look for the content, you will have the idea about their specialty of work and content. In the same manner, people also expect from YOU to see more of your new contents.


2.    Leverage the power of Instagram stories.

If you have not started focusing on the Instagram stories, do it right now. Make daily use of posting stories to get interacted with your followers. Your audience will get more attracted when they will get to see the things happening behind the scenes. They will also start the personal interaction after watching your efforts and looking for how do you do things well.


3.    Aesthetic feed:

It’s an appealing point to focus on but now let’s just cover this in few minutes. You need to keep in mind this amazing Instagram feed point for getting more interactions and engagement to your followers. Your vibe and the positive feeling, both, should be present in the similar ways to make your content catchy. Decide well before working on the vibe because later you would have to be bound by it. You should go with the consistent theme and content by adding a few modifications for the making it more presentable.


4.    Power of hashtags:

Hashtags give you the power by which the people who don’t even follow you also get to see the photos you post. As every second, there are a lot of pictures getting posted on Instagram, you have to be more specific to get discovered. Make your niche simple but unique which should not get lost. You should list different hashtags under different categories so that it becomes easy for you in choosing the related hashtag.


5.    Engage with the people in your community.

Engaging with the people who have the same account theme as that of you will help you grow more followers. Although it will be time-consuming but will bring back more engagement to your own account. Being good to others will come in good favors to you for sure.


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