How often, as a marketer, do you get asked to demonstrate ROI (return on investment) as a means to justify the work you carry out? It’s probably quite frequently. Keeping up with KPI reports can often lead to many a wasted hour working on figures; let’s review a few ways you can underline the benefits of social strategies.

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Start with Your KPIs

KPIs appear in sales and marketing plans and, more often than not, outline profit targets. There are several different ways you can use KPIs when reporting on social marketing, though. As an example, if your marketing strategy clearly outlines a goal of brand awareness, you can demonstrate that you are meeting this goal by showing your social media audience growing.

Keep Your Goals in Check

On the topic of your goals, make sure that your social media goals are aligned with your overarching business goals, as it will make it easier for a strategy to come together. As an example, if your goal is to drive people from social media sites to your website, there is little benefit to be found in paying for Facebook adverts. The best efforts are spent on generating the interest that drives people to click through.

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Pixel Tracking

The Facebook Pixel is a means of tracking activity on your website from Facebook users. It’s a snippet of code and takes barely any time to set up properly. Professional SEO Services like those offered by can do this for you if you’re unsure.

Measure Your Results to Tie It Together

You don’t need to spend vast amounts of money on bespoke dashboards to report on your marketing activity; Google’s Suite has myriad tools that can be used in conjunction with your social media tools. Sheets is a great example.

Remember How Social Users Browse

Conversions through social are notoriously difficult to measure because people often bookmark pages to come back to; it’s rare for users to navigate away from social media in order to make a purchase. This is different to how conversions are measured through PPC campaigns, where the route from search to conversion is a lot more direct and straightforward. Bear in mind that you’re reporting on a ‘worst case’ scenario: as long as your goals are aligned, your strategy will bring in results.

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