Let’s be honest, the advent of modern technology and high-tech solutions has profoundly changed the opportunities we have to advertise to potential customers. The internet is now awash with effective tools for companies to improve sales and profits. While traditional advertising mediums, such as billboards, television, and radio continue to dominate the ‘offline world’, the most profitable online businesses are paving the way for mass marketing, and animated graphics is one of their preferred methods.

What Are Animations?

Animations are a succession of graphic elements that create the illusion of movement like an animated video. Motion graphics not only captures the visual receivers but also the audio receivers and, therefore, is more memorable than a simple still image. It is an online tool, but it is often possible to view it on multimedia media such as televisions, electronic scoreboards and screens.

Step 1: Determine Why You Should Use Animations 

  • They are profitable

To create animated graphics, you only need a computer, an Internet connection and a creative approach. There are many easy-to-use animation and video creation platforms that you can browse to create promotional graphics and videos on the move for your business below very little cash and in some cases for free! With a bit of practice, you can create interesting promotional graphics for your product in just 10 minutes. You can export the video free once you’ve finished, unless you want your video in HD resolution. The footage could be displayed on television and then posted on the website, on social networks, on blogs and subsequently backed up with an appropriate hosting solution.

  • They are more attractive than static images

Using animations is a way to make your ads more attractive to your potential customers. In general, they are accompanied by audio elements to improve the impact and create a solid image of the brand or product. Statistics show that online shoppers are 64% more inclined to buy a product after watching a video from the brand. The practice of online retailers shows that when a potential buyer watches your videos online, the probability of buying is greater and the order size is greater.

Step 2: Find Out How to Use Animations Effectively

Once you have decided to opt for animations to spread the word about your service or brand, you should consider the following things:

  1. Your target audience
  2. The message you want to communicate
  3. How you will transmit the concept or the message.

Step 3: Discover What You Want to achieve and For How Long – it helps to use animations to get the maximum benefit for your business.  In short, if you want to convert visitors into customers, you need to use animations in your marketing strategy. With so many benefits and a group of animation creators and video production software now available, you’ll create a high quality piece at a lower cost than traditional advertising tools like banners or billboards. By publishing the piece prepared on social networks and digital channels, you will increase awareness of your brand and product among a large group of potential buyers and you will reach them.

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