Research and surveys have reported the potential of CBD’s healing benefits in humans and even pets. Pet owners can get support from CBD to maintain their furry friend’s arthritis inflammation and even reduce travel anxiety or visit a vet. People are already using pet-friendly CBD products to help their four-legged companions stay relieved from the crushing pain.

CBD and pets

CBD is an organic compound found in Sativa cannabis plants. Like humans, even dogs have an endocannabinoid system [ECS]. Cannabidiol or CBD interacts with the ECS system and helps it to create a balance in the body.

The concern about cannabis products is that it is still illegal on a federal level, so there is no funding available for wide research. Lack of cannabis access is a great obstacle for vets to recommend it as medication. However, the state-level approval of cannabis, especially CBD products has offered opportunities to use the product as an alternative medication without any concern about the euphoric or mind-altering sensation.

CBD oil for pets can be bought from an online platform like or from reliable CBD dispensary. You can get high quality hemp-based CBD products at inexpensive rates. There are varieties of pet-friendly products like chews, treats, biscuits, tinctures, capsules, etc. the question arises is how to introduce CBD oil to your pet.

Tips to introduce CBD oil to a pet

Several methods can be applied to introduce CBD oil.

Directly dropping oil in the mouth

The most common method multiple pet owners use is placing CBD oil directly in the dog’s mouth. The CBD oil is dosed means you can get the exact number of drops, which is necessary to give your pet depending on its size, weight, and condition.

Carefully draw the needed oil amount in the dropper and move it carefully towards your pet’s mouth. Make sure to slowly squeeze to avoid gagging because it will make the dog more aggressive. Make sure that the dog swallows it thoroughly and offer them their favorite treat afterward.

Mix CBD with food

Dogs adore food and can eat anytime if allowed. If their favorite meal is fed, their bowels get cleared quickly. Adding CBD oil in their favorite food ensures all the CBD gets consumed. It is an effective administering way because the food flavor gets masked. The majority of wet foods cannot mask this organic compound, but dry consumable is highly effective. Ensure that your pet does not notice the changes in taste and appearance on the regular food.

Start with a small dosage and increase the level slowly. Allow the food to soak the CBD oil before you feed it to the dog.

Mix CBD with delicious treats

Delicious treats like peanut butter blend with CBD with ease. Treats are given to the pets for their good behavior. They help to bond positively with your furry friend. Biscuits and cookies are common to treat forms. They are dry, so can absorb the CBD oil. Add a couple of CBD oil on the biscuit or cookies and allow it to absorb. You can even cook treats at home.

CBD is available in pet-friendly flavors like salmon, chicken nuggets, cheese-infused, bacon, etc. It masks the texture and taste of CBD oil.

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