Everyone knows that a divided team is heading for failure while a united team can achieve untold greatness. This principle is the same for all teams, whether in sports, relationships or business. If you have already begun your outsourcing initiative, then you will need to first unite with the call center company you’ve chosen as your outsourcing partner, before you can sit back and relax. For both of you to be successful, you need to be of the same mind when it comes to goals and the means of achieving these goals. So how can you win the loyalty and dedication of your outsourced employees, especially if they’re in an offshore location, like a call center company? Here are our top tips for uniting with your call center team:

1. Make sure they understand your values and objectives.Awareness of your expectations helps them determine how best to proceed in various situations. They can consistently choose actions and decisions that support your brand.2. Respect them as experts in their field.Listen to what they have to say. Show them that you value their opinion and involve them in any changes or improvements you plan to make.3. Conduct sufficient training.Prepare them for their tasks by equipping them with the information and processes they need, and by honing their skills through practice and feedback.4. Allow some room for error and correction.Expect some time for adjustment. Give them opportunities to learn from their initial attempts and support them in improving themselves.5. Communicate constantly.Establish and maintain the connection between you and your outsourced team by regularly communicating. Keep everyone in the loop on updates and feedback from customers. Be sure to also check with your team on any concerns or issues they might have.6. Understand their culture.Visit their operations base so you can have a feel for their culture. Value the similarities and respect the differences. It also significantly builds your employees’ morale when they see you coming over to take an interest in their work and acknowledge their efforts.

7. Offer competitive compensation.Just because manpower from outsourcing costs less than an in-house provider does not mean you should be stingy with the pay. Give them more than just the minimum wage to meet their needs and entice them to stay with your company.8. Reward and reinforce accomplishments.Psychology has proven time and again that people will repeat positive behavior whenever they are rewarded and appreciated. Motivate your employees to succeed with an incentive program, awards or bonuses.

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