One of the worst things that can happen when you own a business is for your employees to become disenchanted with their work. This can happen due to overwork or just plain boredom in performing their everyday tasks. They may feel that management and the owner is not aware of how much time and effort they put into their work and you run the risk of possibly losing good employees due to this. There are ways that you can turn this around and have your employees become renewed in their work.

Give Awards to Those Who Do the Most

Every company has employees who put their all into their jobs and those people should be shown appreciation by the business owners. They want to know that someone sees what they are doing and knows how much effort they have put into their job. You can award these people by having employee of the month plaques made up where you choose one particular worker who has gone above and beyond and put their picture on the plaque. This should be displayed in a spot where everyone who works there can see it. You can also give a small token of your appreciation to these employees such as tickets to a movie theatre or a dinner gift card. Another tactic business owners have taken to show their employees just how much they are appreciated is by holding outings to area sporting events. Since most employers cannot purchase tickets for their entire crew, there will be a select number of them and usually names are picked from a hat. Those employees are given the day off so that they can attend the event.

Hosting a Day of Activities for Your Employees

It is well documented that a company that holds an employee appreciation day at their facilities tend to keep their employees for a much longer time. These day long events can include special lunches that are served by the management of the company to each employee or having members of the management team go to each department within the company and delivery tokens of the company’s appreciation. It could be anything from cookies and milk to luscious desserts. No matter what it is, your employees will feel that what they have accomplished for the business has been noticed. You can have contests which are held throughout the day with prizes for those who participate have musicians come in to play in a place where employees can take a break and relax.

No employee wants to feel as though what he or she is doing is not good enough or not received well by upper management. They will put their best foot forward on projects and unless they receive positive feedback on it, they may begin to lose their interest in their jobs. When this happens, they may begin to look elsewhere for employment. Keep your employees happy by hosting some of these events at your business. You will be letting them know that you do care about what they do.

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