Like most forms of marketing PR is having to adapt to the multi-channel age. It is no longer enough to simply write a press release, take a few snaps and send them off to the editor of a newspaper or trade journal. Because they are short of time and receive so many press releases, increasingly via email you have to stand out and video is the perfect tool to enhance all public relations activities.There are four broad roles for video:Event CoverageThe most obvious option is using a film crew to record the announcement or launch in real time. The video of the event can then be sent to the various news outlets, it can be hosted on the organisation’s own website and LinkedIn, YouTube and Facebook pages, so non-attendees can experience the event for themselves. It can even be broadcast in real-time to other locations around the world using the Internet.

Enhancing the EventBy providing additional background material for use at the event itself, showing the history of the organization, processes, customer testimonials, personal endorsements, etc. This has the benefit of bringing more dynamic content to the event, making it more engaging and entertaining. The same material can then be incorporated in any post-event video material produced.Improved AccessIf it is relevant and engaging a video will spread beyond the confines of the channels controlled directly by the organization. Good video will be shared and linked to and this will in turn boost the SEO of the news item and the organisation’s website.People are lazy and watching a short video is easier than reading a press release, this is especially true on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet computers.Archive DataAs an important record of events and news. Video shot on the day can have a long life, it can be re-edited, topped and tailed and re-used again and again for PR and in other marketing collateral.

The latest video technology means that the filming itself is not intrusive, modern cameras can work in low light conditions so less equipment is required and the whole set up process is a lot quicker. Editing is quick and the finished production can work on any platform, including broadcast.The success of any video project depends on the planning and ensuring that the role of video is considered from the outset, rather than as an afterthought.

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