The world is a toxic, toxic place – it’s filled with emissions from vehicles, landfill pollution and airborne chemicals. It’s scary to think about, which is why a lot of people across America are opting for greener alternatives. The term “organic” is on the tongues of many families today, especially those who are health conscious. They are worried about their health and the well-being of their family – and for good reason. Who can blame them? As a carpet cleaning professional, it’s your duty to ensure your customers are safe. You can invest in different restoration equipment that’s for sale online, such as commercial tile and carpet steam cleaners, to ensure the safety and quality of your services.The Emergence of Organic CleaningSo what exactly does the term “organic cleaning” mean? First, let’s go into what it isn’t. The cleaning products that are utilized for conventional cleanings are filled with chemicals. These chemicals are leeched into the carpet and released into the air. This means the homeowner and their family members are breathing in these chemicals over an extended period of time.

It doesn’t matter whether these chemicals are sprayed, poured, rinsed, dumped or washed. They still pose the same threat. So not only is it dangerous to the health of your customers, but to you as well. A lot of carpet cleaning professionals are going green because of the demand and their own conscience.The Dangers of Non-Organic Cleaning SolutionsYou have to be careful of the solutions you place inside of your commercial carpet steam cleaners. The most popular carpet cleaning brands are known to be harmful. This is because they are filled with chemical solvents, similar to those utilized by dry cleaners. Carpet cleaning solutions tends to give off strong aromas, which can cause aggravation to individuals with allergies and chronic respiratory conditions.There are a number of dangerous ingredients inside of these products including:






According to studies, all of these ingredients are known to cause endocrine problems, infertility and hormonal imbalance. There are also a variety of other compounds that are commonly found inside of these products. It’s important to educate yourself about the chemicals that are placed in the cleaning supplies you employ. This knowledge can then be used to help create a unique selling proposition for your brand.Toxins Upon ToxinsDid you know that there are chemicals inside of the synthetic fibers of carpets? So in a sense, you are treating a toxic surface with toxins – a double whammy. A lot of carpet manufacturers use chemicals that can cause adverse effects in pets, infants and toddlers – those who are the closest the floor, breathing in the fumes. The following chemicals are frequently found in carpets during emissions tests:










A lot of the chemicals on this list are known to be carcinogenic. Carpets made with these chemicals are consistently releasing toxins. Compound these with the chemical solutions you clean carpets with and you have a dangerous environment for the young and old.Going OrganicIf you decide you want to start using organic cleaning products for your carpet cleaning practice, then you have to ensure they’re not created with any of the chemicals mentioned. You can find healthier, organic alternatives for majority of the cleaning solutions you currently use. Your organic approach can be used to attract both residential and commercial customers who are looking for carpet steam cleaners.

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