Starting your own online Profitable Business allows an opportunity to full-time or part-time to build a foothold and thus open up a new source of income, maybe even a whole new way of life. An Internet connection and a little hardware such as a PC are sufficient in many cases, so that the financial investments often keep within limits.

5 tips to build your own successful online business.

Tip 1: A business idea as the heart of a successful online business

The business idea is of course the starting point and the heart of every online business. Maybe you want to sell products, whether digital or real goods, but maybe you also want to offer services or you develop complex online platforms from real estate portal to the hosting service. You may also set up thematic internet sites that can be marketed in a variety of ways. An online business is a generic term for very different offers, but to develop a viable business idea is in any case the basis.

Tip 2: Taxes and Legal

As a rule, you will start your online business to earn money permanently, so you cannot avoid a business registration. This usually takes place at the trade office of the respective municipality / city and costs about 20-30 euros. A few days later you get mail from the tax office including a questionnaire. Here you will have to specify a profit estimate, where one uses a possible not too high amount to avoid tax payments. If the revenue is higher than expected later, then you should inform the tax office in order to avoid tax arrears. You also have to decide whether to mutate into sales tax or small business regulation. The third post comes from the Chamber of Industry and Commerce, as a trader automatically becomes a member, although below a certain amount one can be exempted from the annual contributions. The business registration brings with it forms, but nothing that must scare.

Tip 3: No online business without a professional website

The professional website presents the online business to the outside and depending on the business idea. It is also the one of the central points of sale. Accordingly, a lot of care should be put into the own web presence. Creating a website that offers both aesthetics, flexibility and design possibilities is possible for everyone. Modular systems Like Wix’s, even users without extensive technical or design knowledge can successfully and quickly implement this due to simple and intuitive application. Wix offers not only very beautiful templates and design elements, but also a large variety of functions, with which you can:

  • Even a page for musicians can build with sales, download and playback options, ticket sales and many more.
  • With Wix bookings can be received and administered by visitors, which can be used to offer online seminars, for example.
  • Brand new is the integration of Wix Video, which can integrate videos from YouTube, Vimeo or Facebook. Wix Video allows the user to sell or rent videos online, as well as subscriptions, even commission-free.

Tip 4: Without advertising nothing going on

An online business can only succeed if the world knows about it, so advertise wherever possible. In addition, you can use social networks like Facebook or Instagram, because here too you benefit from the Wix Online Homepage Building Kit. Wix Apps allow you to integrate Instagram & YouTube images & videos, or you can install feeds on Facebook or Twitter.

Activity on social networks or even exciting videos on products or guides make the own brand known and the homepage can combine all this. With Wix Engage you also get real-time updates on what activities there are on your own page. Regularly monitored, you can not only monitor the success of your own site better, but also optimize its information and offers at any time.

Tip 5: Believe in yourself

The shortest, but perhaps the most important tip: Believe in yourself and do not be put off by perhaps unconscious fears and doubts. If you have doubts too often, it may sometimes be because you may have too often given them in childhood that you can not do this or that. Everyone has the chance to achieve something, and even if everything does not succeed at once, you will constantly learn and adapt your business idea or implementation accordingly.

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