Tree shaping is an essential part of proper tree care. When done right, this service improves the general health of trees, enhances growth, prevents breakage, and lowers risk of diseases. As a property owner, you can also improve your yard’s curb appeal to attract prospective buyers. With all the advantages of tree shaping, it is crucial to do it right, and it is best left to the experts.

To Prune or Not to Prune?

You should ask yourself this essential question before you start trimming off tree branches. If you are unsure of the best course of action, it is wise to consult a professional tree service. These experts are experienced in tree care and they have handled services, such as tree removal, shaping and trimming before.

Professionals will be sincere with you and will advise you on the best approach for your trees. If you have just bought a home and you are considering planting some trees, you should consult an arborist to be advised on the best trees for your home to avoid problems in the future.

When is the Best Time to Do Tree Shaping?

The best time for shaping your trees is late fall or winter. Timing is an important aspect, so you should get it right. During these cold seasons, the tree sap is not running, which helps to avoid stressing the trees. Besides, most insects are dormant during this time, which is a big factor in preventing infections.

However, you can perform some intermittent pruning to remove damaged or dead branches that may compromise your home’s safety. You can also do an annual or semi-annual pruning to control tree size and remove old branches.

Know the Tree Parts to Prune

First, remove branches that are growing across or those that are rubbing against other branches. You can trim off branches with odd angles or those growing in a different way from the rest. Obviously, remove branches that look diseased or unhealthy.

Cut the Branches Properly

Do not just cut; ensure that you do it properly. Avoid damaging the tree trunk or you will do more harm to the trees than good. This can be achieved by ensuring that you do not cut very close to the tree body. When cutting, see to it that you slightly angle away from the tree’s body. To prevent bark stripping, cut a part of the target branch’s underside first before you cut the topside.

Avoid Over Pruning

Ensure that you do not get rid of too much of the tree canopy since the tree will not be able to produce adequate food for its survival. If you are looking to grow plants beneath multiple trees, ask the experts how to go about it. Trimming the tree too much will leave it looking like a broccoli or a lion’s tail. You can avoid this mistake by hiring experts in tree care services, such as tree removal, trimming and shaping.

Tree shaping has many advantages for your trees and property. However, you should consider hiring experts for the job to enjoy these benefits.

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