Brand Abuse pertains to the malicious activity online that exploits brands and uses their image without permission. The hackers can gain a lot of things from this one such as profit while at the same time tarnishing the brand itself.

There are a lot of ways on how an individual can commit brand abuse. Here are four examples of the types of brand abuse you can encounter:

Brand Impersonation

Brand impersonation happens when someone uses the name of your brand or speaks on behalf of your brand. A kind of brand impersonation that can be committed is when a different company uses or impersonates the official domain you are using in order to get interactions online.

Brand impersonators can use your brand to get sensitive information from people and once these victims experience this, they can lose trust in your brand.

False Advertising

False advertising happens when unauthorized companies sell your products and with them possibly using your advertisements, ads, and more, to gain profit. Furthermore, these businesses using this malicious attack can also tarnish your reputation by them selling counterfeited products under your name. This can cause your company to lose its credibility for selling quality products.

False Association

False or implied association perhaps when a rival business or perhaps another business not associated with yours, announces that their brand and your brand have agreed to bring the people something. Basically, false association happens when another company implies that your brands have reach on a deal even if there really is no connection between you and them.


Misrepresentation is closely related to implied association but without the concept of collaborations. In misrepresentation, the offender really just connects their brand to yours in order to gain customers, and more often than not they will steal your customers.

This certain type of brand abuse targets the online advertising industry since lower and unrecognized brand names would use the credentials of well-known brands so that people will associate the companies’ products. This can severely damage your reputation if the brand that steals your traffic has subpar products.

Protecting yourself from brand abuse is a must because without protection you can suffer grave consequences such as losing profit and losing brand credibility itself. Fortunately for you, there are companies out there offering their services to help you identify and monitor possible brand a bus violators so you can act accordingly.

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