Managers, occupiers, and property owners are legally obligated to make sure that their premises are safe for those who will be on it. When there is a problem on the property that creates a safety hazard, a proper warning must be given to avoid injury or damages. If the owner of the property knows about unsafe conditions and does not take action, they can be held liable.

Both private and public property are liable for hazards on their premises. Some of the common problematic conditions include broken windows, broken flooring, wet floors, and poor lighting. If an injury has occurred, an office of premises liability lawyers Oklahoma City may be able to help.

As a business owner, there are some important things to keep in mind. While liability insurance is necessary, a claim could damage the reputation of your business. Accidents happen and there are ways to keep everyone, including your business, safe. When it is your business, you are responsible.

Purchase Insurance

For just a few hundred dollars, your business can have around $1 million in coverage. While this may seem costly at first glance, it can save thousands of dollars in the long run. In some states, businesses are legally required to hold some type of liability insurance for their premises.

Inspect Your Property

It’s important that you discover any potentially unsafe conditions before somebody else does in a devastating way. It’s important to remember that while the building or property may seem safe as a whole, individual spaces such as cubicles or specialized areas may contain hazards that need to be remedied. Teach yourself and your employees to be aware of the surroundings and be aware of what kind of problems to look for.

Fix the Problems

If you or an employee find a condition that isn’t safe, it must be fixed immediately. Falls in the workplace cost companies billions each year. Even things like a tipped over broom or piece of trash in a walkway can potentially cause a serious injury. Make sure that your employees are aware of the safety policies and procedures of your company. Keep in mind small things like keeping floor mats safe and ensuring that ice and snow are removed from walkways in the winter. Never assume that someone else will fix a problem once it is first noticed.

Give Warning

Some hazards cannot be repaired immediately, but if this is the case warnings must be posted. Just verbally telling employees or customers to watch out isn’t enough as there may not be any solid evidence that these warnings were given. Signs should be posted around the affected areas that can easily be seen and read. It’s a good idea to have caution tape and wet floor signs on hand.

Accidents happen and sometimes it’s almost impossible to avoid them. Unfortunately, if there were any actions that you as the business owner could have taken that could have prevented the damage, you are open to a liability suit. The best way to win a suit is to avoid one.

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